What’s the difference between Epic and Tor?

Tor browser has done a great job in protecting privacy for online users. However Epic browser is different from Tor in some different ways. In this blog post I will detail you how these two differ.
 What is Tor?
TOR is a network that helps provide anonymity to browse the internet. You can get a TOR browser which is a version of Firefox which accesses the TOR network and has various privacy protections. It routes your traffic through multiple tor nodes so that the websites cannot know who you really are. This provides you some privacy at the cost of speed.

How Epic differs from Tor?

First thing, users of Epic browser do not need to sacrifice speed for privacy. You get both. Rerouting your traffic via Tor makes any website significantly slower. This is noticeable even in high speed networks.

Second thing is that Epic is based on Chromium(which powers Google Chrome) and Tor is based on Mozilla Firefox.  I'd say it gives Epic a slight boost.

And third Epic has certain unique features that Tor does not have. One of the examples is the completely offline autocomplete feature a wrote a while ago.

While Tor is focused on Anonymity of identity, Epic is more focused on privacy, stopping trackers, etc...