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About private browsing mode

As you browse the web, browsers remember lots of information for you (but not Epic). This information may include sites you have visited, your search history, form history and contents you have downloaded. There may be times, however, when you don't want people with access to your computer to see this information, such as when shopping for a present. Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information on the local computer.

Need the old epic browser (based on Firefox)

Epic Browser was first introduced as the first browser specifically developed to be used by Indian people with support for Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, etc... Do you need the installation setup of the old browser?

Why should I worry about my online activities being public?

Should I really worry about my online privacy?            J ust as you exercise discretion in your real life about what and how much you share with others, in the same way it is crucial to maintain privacy on the internet to safeguard yourself from the prying eyes of cyber criminals . In today’s day and age, when most of our personal information is available on the internet, a compromise on privacy and personal information can create unpleasant situations of reputational or financial damage .

Offline setup of Epic browser

If you are using the Epic browser, the browser built for privacy you may be well aware that you cannot download a offline installation setup/standalone installer for your PC from the official website.